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  • Resin System

    Acrylic resins, Isocyanate resins

  • Method of application:

    Brush or roller

  • Pot Life:

    6-8 hours

  • Drying Time:

    3 hours touch dry
    6-20 hours through dry

  • Colours available:

    Jet Black

  • Packing Size:

    4 litres base: 2litres hardener

  • Thinning Solvent

    Acrylic Thinner/urethane Thinner

  • Primer Undercoat

    Grey Primer Surfacer & Cellulose Paint


Product Description

A dual product with outstanding durability formulated to give a protective finish to automotive and steel equipment by ensuring they remain chemical and corrosion resistant with excellent gloss retention.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces to be coated should be preferably primed with a 2K epoxy primer, after removal of wax, grease, dust and any other contaminant. Washing with fresh water to remove soluble salts is recommended.

The Painters' Paint


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