• Method of application:


  • Coverage


  • Pot Life:

    30-45 mins

  • Mixing

    Base – 2L Hardener-1L. Both components have to be mixed in a container for approximately 5 mins, to achieve homogeneity.


Product Description

A product with very high mechanical and chemical resistance properties will lengthen the life of concrete floors it is characterized by a hi-gloss mirror, smooth finish. It is highly recommended for application in dairies, breweries, food industry where a high degree of hygiene is expected. other areas will include garages, halls etc

Surface Preparation

Roller, notched trowel can be used to spread the Paint on the surface. use of a spiked roller is highly recommended to avoid the effects of bubble formation that leave an undesired finish on the floor


For Thicker floor finishes in the range of 3mm- 5mm,aggregate(4-5times) the amount of the mixed Base and Hardener, should be added to the mix of 2mins,ensuring no lumps are left in the mix. The material is then poured on to the surface to be coated and spread out with the notched trowel to achieve film thickness and adequate levelling. The spiked roller is then run through the material on the floor till no more bubbles appear. The material is then left . It will set in less than 24 hours and should not be subjected to traffic till after 7 Days of application.

The Painters' Paint


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