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  • Appearance:


  • Colours available:

    Commonly white, but other colors can be arranged for on request.

  • Packing Size:

    4L,20L & 200L (on request)


Product Description

A water based primer & undercoat formulated for use on lime plaster, cement plaster– interior and exterior. It will provide a base for application to subsequent coats of standard emulsion, Super matt, vinyl silk, Weather shield etc

Method of Application

This requires the use of a hopper spray gun held at right angles. to the surface, and kept at a distance of around 50 cm from the substrate . application of a clear coat (emulsion) on the multi colored coating is advisable, if a gloss effect is desired and to achieve protection.

Surface Preparation

Ensure the surface is fairly dry, properly, sanded down free of dirt,etc prior to application. Surfaces with imperfections, cracks, holes etc will require filling with peacock undercoat putty. Thinning should not exceed 1 litre of water for 4 litres of paint

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