• Method of application:

    Spray and brush

  • Coverage

    1L per 4sqm

  • Pot Life

    6 hours Max

  • Appearance:

    Milky, dries to form a smooth clear, colorless film (matt and gloss)

  • Thinning Solvent

    With water (10%Dillution)


Product Description

A water based wood care material based on Special ingredients, formulated to preserve and beautify all timber Products- furniture, gates doors etc.

Product Characteristics

Good drying times-touch dry 15-20mins
• environment friendly – water based
• fungi- algae resistance (fights blue/ green rot of wood).
• Helps maintain Dimension stability of wood maintaining color timber
• uV resistance,
• High water repellency

Surface Preparation

All wood/timber products should be sanded with sandpaper grain -120, then smoothened with sandpaper Grain 240, application of a thin coat, follows, 2 coats of the eco-Varnish will give the desired effect.

The Painters' Paint


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